Catholic App for Creating Abundance

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Catholic App for Creating Abundance

Is God listening? 
Does he care about me? 
If you have asked yourself these questions, then this app is for you: 

Creating Abundance in 21 Days

"God wants you to have abundance. God wants your life to overflow with his blessings. God wants to give you good fortune every day."
Georgiana Lotfy

Sometimes we think abundance is in riches. In fact, that's what the rest of the world thinks it is. And sometimes we do find ourselves receiving unexpected financial assistance when we pray. But ultimately God's abundance is about so much more...about a whole richness and beauty in life. By just launching an app you could bring more richness and happiness into your life. Since 1991, Georgiana Lotfy, who created and narrated this app, has been helping people discover meditation as a way to greatly improve their ability to connect with the abundant life that God has planned for them. She has helped thousands of people of all ages live happier, healthier lives. Meditation can help you solve challenges, focus on growth in your life, improve health, connect to people around you, increase the energy, strength, love and bliss of God’s plan for you.

Available at Google Play.

Available in the iTunes App Store.

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