Inner Peace: Wisdom from Jean-Pierre de Caussade

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Inner Peace: Wisdom from Jean-Pierre de Caussade
God reveals himself to the humble under the most lowly of forms, but the proud, who fix their gaze entirely on that which is extrinsic, never discover him hidden beneath and are sent away empty.

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  • Once more you bring God so present into our moments. Thank you for sharing the beauty & wisdom of God to nourish our souls for this arduous journey. I look forward to each new one you send to us. We are like baby birds hungry to be fed so that we may fly high into the realm of God's Holy Presence. In this time of such chaos in our world & often in our lives, we need so desperately these brief moments you bring us that remind us that only one thing is necessary, as St. Pio so earnestly taught us, to lift up one's heart and love God. In gratitude for the gift of The Daughters of St. Paul. May God richly bless each one of you.
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