Pope Francis' First Document Just Arrived

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Pope Francis' First Document Just Arrived

In these days I have been reading Pope Francis’ new document The Light of Faith. I’m halfway through reading it, shuffling through my printout from the Vatican website. Moments ago, the sisters called up my office and said the printed document just arrived, and I can’t wait to get my copy!

We nuns are avid readers of documents. This one, however, is different. More accessible, more practical, almost like sitting down next to Pope Francis and having him open his heart to you and share his faith and his hope. There are hundreds of pictures of Pope Francis kissing babies and small children if you search google images. I think he is trying to show us how close he is to each of us, how close Jesus is to each of us. With this document we adults can actually share in the closeness to the one who is being called “the world’s pastor.”

Here’s one of my favorite lines: “To those who suffer, God does not provide arguments which explain everything; rather, his response is that of an accompanying presence, a history of goodness which touches every story of suffering and opens up a ray of light. In Christ, God himself wishes to share this path with us and to offer us his gaze so that we might see the light within it. Christ is the one who, having endured suffering, is ‘the pioneer and perfecter of our faith’ (Heb 12:2).” (no. 57).

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