Are you looking for someone to help you live out your faith in everyday life? We hear the faith proclaimed and discussed in homilies, books, lectures, radio programs, podcasts, newspapers.... But does anyone answer your questions? Pauline Books and Media Publishing is part of the larger apostolic mission of the Daughters of St. Paul reaching out to real people, struggling to live real faith today. 

Pauline Books and Media has been in the US for the past fifty years a passionate and trusted publisher of documents, children's books, books on the theology of the body, and now a new marriage preparation program that directly addresses the needs of engaged couples today. The acclaimed choir of the Daughters of St. Paul has recorded over 20 albums and each year tours the East Coast for Christmas concerts. 

The Pauline mission is a new form of evangelization in the Church: Blessed James Alberione saw it as written preaching alongside the oral preaching that characterizes the ministry of the priest. It is our experience of faith that we feel compelled to share “because of the overwhelming joy it gives us. It is not a collection of intellectual constructs, religious practices or rules of ethics; instead, it is an experience that involves our entire being.” In the Pauline charism, this sharing is carried out through communication, a witness for the sake of the building up of the Body of Christ.“Our faith which resonates through the books, DVDs, music, and digital media produced by Pauline Books and Media is mirrored in both our explicit proclamation of the person and teachings of Christ and our efforts to ‘speak about everything in a Christian way.’"

In our publishing we are called prophetically to interpret the word afresh in each “today” of history. Like the Word made flesh, the Word must be spoken into the situations of the world. Communicating the mystery of Christ is to stand as witness to a life beyond this world’s life (Jn 17.16). Our mission is accomplished not because we have a body of knowledge or possess “truth,” but because the Word itself shows both us and our readers/listeners its meaning and power each time the Word comes face to face with the world and with the future.

Pauline Publishing Offers More than Just Books

Besides releasing titles in traditional paper versions, Pauline Books and Media also produces their books in an e-book format when digital rights are available. E-books are distributed through, Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore, Google ebooks, Safari Books Online, Blio, Books on Board, and 40 other digital distribution outlets. 

The world of smartphone applications offers a new opportunity to reach people at any moment with the presence of God and his Word. The message of the Gospel is in each person's hand with Catholic apps uniquely created to engage, influence, and inspire. 

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Why has Pauline Books and Media become one of the most trusted Catholic publishers in the U.S.?  The Daughters of St. Paul are passionate about the new evangelization and the power of the media to permeate society with the word of God and the hope brought by Jesus Christ. Learn more >>

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