Novena of Trust in God

Novena of Trust in God

Prayer. It is a chance to take a step back. To breathe deeply. To take in the sunshine of God's grace. To see things from a different perspective. To learn from the saints. To receive from God....

It could happen in these weeks that the continuous stream of new revelations appearing in the news and the enormity of the sadness at what has happened could make us wonder about the future of the Church or worry about whether our faith will fail. We might be concerned about our children or find ourselves wrestling with long-forgotten memories of past abuse. Prayer is a sacred space in which we can process what is happening within us, a time set aside in which we and God look at things together.

This novena of trust in God is a nine-day prayer to our co-Foundress Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo. For over forty years she led the Daughters of St. Paul from its very first years into the early 60s. While many sisters had a simple life, I can imagine that she bore the sometimes heavy struggles of any religious leader who desires holiness for those in her community. In fact, in 1964 she offered her life to the Holy Trinity that all the Daughters of St Paul would become saints. In fact, St. Paul had this very same desire for the communities he himself had founded. 

This Novena of Trust in order to request graces through the Intercession of Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo is such a simple prayer. We invite you to take 9 days to share your concerns and worries with Mother Thecla, listening to the wisdom found in the short daily selections from her words and writings. 

My God,
you are always thinking about me,
you are within me and around me.
I am carved on the palm of your hands.
I trust you
and entrust myself to you.
Sister Thecla Merlo







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Download and share this free resource for deepening our faith and living out our call to bring healing, protection, and justice in this time of the unfolding revelations of sexual abuse within the Church. (Free reproducible for parishes and groups!) 


United with the Blessed Mother at the foot of the cross, we offer our media efforts and also daily Mass, Eucharistic adoration, and sacrifices in reparation for evil and for the building up of each member of the Body of Christ. 



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