Where the Light Is Always Shining

Where the Light Is Always Shining


Hi. Touching the Sunrise has always been the image that speaks to me most clearly about the power of God saving me and the world right now and always, a love I can trust, you can trust, even in the midst of the greatest storms. That Sunrise is truly Jesus the Christ who took on our human reality in every difficult struggle we endure, in every joy that makes us sing.

So perhaps you feel tossed about these days as you want to live as Jesus' disciple in the Church, yet are horrified and distrustful because of what you see unfolding.

How do we struggle together to find our way forward after all that has unfolded regarding the scandal? Where do we find the strength? The courage? The wisdom?

These talks will bring clarity to what you may be going through. They will help you acknowledge the voices that may be draining you of strength and faith, voices that say:

  • This isn’t going to get better
  • There is nothing I can do God’s given up on me or on us
  • God’s far away and doesn’t hear me or hear us
  • Prayer is useless.
  • Prayer doesn’t work.
  • There is no future. Nothing I do can make a difference.

Faith and love do not put on blinders. In the midst of whatever may come, hope assures us that we are precious to God, that God still loves us, that God loves all of us. Nothing can take us out of his hand.

Through these reflections may you see the beauty of God and his tender love for us all, even in the turbulence of these stormy times.

Sr Kathryn








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United with the Blessed Mother at the foot of the cross, we offer our media efforts and also daily Mass, Eucharistic adoration, and sacrifices in reparation for evil and for the building up of each member of the Body of Christ. 



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