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Using meditations, Scripture passages, stories and prayers, I offer a way to develop a personal relationship with God and to discover his unconditional love for us. I wrote this book from my heart, hoping to create a guide to fostering healthy self-esteem and a sense of personal affirmation, for even the busiest reader. You can purchase the book on our website store in print or in e-book format. 

If you'd like to try it out first, here are three free sample meditations for you. 

Sample Meditation #1 - God loves me for who I am 
Sample Meditation #2 - My hopes and disappointments open my heart to the blessings of God 
Sample Meditation #3 - I Live in touch with the truth about myself 

Additional Resources 

  • I hope at some point to actually put up my 10-episode podcast: See Yourself Through God’s Eyes Mini-Retreat  — COMING SOON!


“Sister Marie Paul has taken on the challenge of self-hate which troubles so many people. Her clear understanding can lead many to a relationship with Christ.”  - Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR, Author of A Virtue-Driven Life

“Drawing from her deeply profound struggle to move to a sense of God’s unconditional love, Curley throws lifelines of purpose, meaning and hope to others. The combination of evocative stories, relevant Scripture, spirit-touching meditations, and daily mantras make this a unique and useful book.” -Suzanne Mayer, IHM, Professor of Pastoral Studies, Neumann University, Aston, PA

“I wish this book had been around for me in my own journey. Marie Paul Curley is a deeply caring person and offers a guide to the comfort only God’s acceptance can provide.” – Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP Author of Making Peace with Yourself



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The mercy of God is his loving concern for each one of us.

God desires our wellbeing and wants to see us happy, full of joy and peaceful.
(Pope Francis)

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