Light a Candle: God Loves You

Light a Candle: God Loves You

When life seems out of control, we can always turn to God. But how? What are the words to use? What do I do? Solution: Light a Candle: God Loves You. With this app you can light a candle right where you are, there are many prayers to give you words to say, and you can contact the nuns to pray with you for your needs and special intentions.

Lighting candles expresses more than words could ever say. Candles remind us of presence, assure us of warmth, promise us that someone cares and we can care for each other.

  • A candle you can light by tapping the screen
  • Link to send your prayer intentions directly to the nuns
  • Inside look at the sisters who will join you in prayer
  • Prayers for many different occasions
  • Share God Loves You App with a friend you know

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Light a Candle Apps, Pauline Digital


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