An App to Help You Relax and Sleep

An App to Help You Relax and Sleep

How do you open your heart to others to without getting your heart broken open?
Are you caring for a loved one and feel overwhelmed at times?
Do you feel your prayers are not being heard? 
Have you attempted to relax but find your worrisome thoughts getting in the way?
Do you want to bring a more peaceful attitude into your life?
Would you like to decrease your stress and anxiety?
Would you like a simple meditation to help you get to sleep?

Ocean Healing Meditation is designed especially for the helping and healing professions and all who are healing others. I believe we are all healers. We heal in our work, in our homes, with our children and loved ones and in our communities. How do we not become overwhelmed by the pain and suffering that we witness and at the same time, how do we stay connected to God and the Holy Spirit as we heal others?

By just launching an app you could bring more peace and happiness into your life. 

Since 1991, Georgiana Lotfy, who created and narrated this app, has been helping people discover mindful meditation as a way to connect with the peace of staying in the present moment, free from regrets of the past and thoughts of fear about the future. In this way, she has helped thousands of people of all ages live happier, healthier lives.


  • Five minute Introduction and Instruction from your guide 
  • Guided imagery meditation using the God’s healing with the imagery of the ocean to help reduce weary thoughts. If you have had problems meditating in the past or with letting go to God’s will and plan for your life, this healing meditation will help you relax into God’s loving embrace.
  • Introduction and Guided Imagery Meditation are presented with options of soothing voice and voice with calming music and ocean sounds.

Why Download?

Maybe you’ve thought about meditation or tried everything possible to quiet your mind from worry. Georgiana makes it easy to meditate and discover the gift of peace and serenity in this present moment. Being able to quiet your mind means a calmer more relaxed life. “Is that really true?” you may ask. With Ocean Healing Meditation resting your mind is possible. It is a blessing of deeper meditation that we detach ourselves from our emotional reactions and discover peace and compassion we have within, in our inner core, the place where God is within us. Using the Ocean Healing Meditation contained in this program, you can reduce stress by knowing you are in God’s hands.

Listen to this guided imagery: To relax. To reduce stress. To help you sleep.

Listen anytime, once a day, except when driving heavy machinery, like an auto or when full attention is necessary. 
Listening to this meditation assumes no guarantee of health improvement. This program is not a substitute for professional counseling or medical advice.

Created and Narrated by Georgiana Lotfy, LMFT, D.Min.
Original music by Patrick von Wiegandt
Audio production and original music by Patrick von Wiegandt
A Product of Pauline Digital – Pauline Books and Media

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