Meditations to Grow in Self-Esteem

Meditations to Grow in Self-Esteem

So many people today are plagued by feelings of self-hate and self-rejection. Low self-esteem can rob us of the absolute certainty that we are loved unconditionally and forever by God. Marie Paul Curley in her best selling book See Yourself Through God’s Eyes: 52 Meditations to Grow in Self-Esteem seeks to reassure us that God sees us as we truly are: our inner essence, our entire history, our longings, our gifts, our potential, and our woundedness. And God finds us beautiful.

In See Yourself Through God’s Eyes Marie Paul Curley offers wise advice on topics such as weakness, worries, identity, humility, limitations, criticism, and so much more. These 75 nuggets of wisdom are drawn from her own deeply profound struggle to move to a sense of God’s unconditional love for herself and will be very helpful for people who share this same struggle. Now with this app you can access her deeply caring words whenever you need a sense of God’s love and your own worth.

  • 75 excerpts from See Yourself Through God’s Eyes: 52 Meditations on Self-Esteem
  • A helpful index
  • Quiet music
  • Integration with email for easy sharing with others
“The more we recognize how precious we are to God and how great God’s desires are for us, the more we dare to entrust ourselves completely to God. Our dreams merge with God’s dreams for us. This attitude of trust allows us to live in God’s own peace and delight.” (Sr. Marie Paul Curley, FSP, author)

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