HeartWork: A Grace-Filled Journey

HeartWork: A Grace-Filled Journey

Whether we still struggle with the pain of past wounds, are working through relationships and situations that are dragging us down, or worrying about the future, we yearn for a life that is free, fulfilling, and fruitful. The trouble is that we often feel that we have a hole in our hearts that we can't fill. We look for love, and it slips through our fingers. We try to give love to others, and no one wants it. We can't believe that God really would love us. We end up alone.  

HeartWork is a series of affordable classes and one-on-one sessions offered by Sr. Kathryn James, fsp. HeartWork teaches you the language of love so that things can turn out differently for you and for those you love. HeartWork provides tools, experiences of prayer, and space to explore what's happening in your life. Learn more






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