What do you know about the angels?

What do you know about the angels?

Who taught you about your guardian angel? Have you had any experiences with the protective care of an angel in your own life? Do you teach your kids about their guardian angels? Do you pray to the angels for special needs?

"Our community has guardian angels who we traditionally call "men in grey." They turn up whenever one of the sisters needs help. It is interesting to listen to the stories of sisters from all over the world. When my parents were helping our sisters move in to their new convent in Alexandria, VA, a man dressed in grey turned up in the alley when the group of volunteers couldn't get a table up the fire escape on the outside of the building to the second floor. The table was exceedingly heavy, but he stepped in and helped them lift the table up as if it had no weight at all. When they turned around to thank him, he was gone." 
Sr. Kathryn, Boston

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