What is your favorite form of prayer?

What is your favorite form of prayer?

St. Teresa of Avila said that we should pray as we can and not as we can't. That means that we can honor the way we are drawn to pray and not put ourselves down for what we consider mediocre prayer. Sometimes we feel that we can't pray as well as others do. How do we know? It doesn't really matter. God is working in each of our lives in a unique way. Our sole responsibility is to respond to what God is doing, to follow his direction, to let him do the leading. So how is God leading you right now? Are you drawn to the rosary? To pray with Scripture? To silence? To write out your prayer in a conversation with God? To journaling? To spiritual reading? To some other form of communication with God?

Do you have any secrets you can share about teaching your kids or grandkids about prayer?

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