7:00 PM Evening Prayer

7:00 PM Evening Prayer

Thank you for joining us on this eighth day of our webathon, Journey of Discovery Novena. 

Our particular focus this day has been the discovery of beauty. If you have not given during this week, please prayerfully consider a donation today.

When contemplating beauty in image—whether photographic, digital, woven, sculpted or painted—we are drawn to the work of the Artist par excellence. Let us revel in the beauty of the world that our Creator has given us to enjoy and protect. This world is rich in the interplay of light and shadow, of colors and textures. Ever evolving, it mirrors him whom St. Augustine called: “Beauty ever-ancient, ever-new.”

Silent Prayer and Contemplation

O Lord, my God,
I thank you for your world in all its loveliness!
With expressions drawn
from ancient Canaanite and Hebrew literature, I pray:


Yes, “how many are your works O Lord!” Thank you for this webathon novena, which has offered me the opportunity to see how so many means of communication can come together to form a Canticle of Praise! In gratitude for all the beauty that I have seen and experienced around me and within me, I would like to offer this donation today.

Return here at 9:00 pm to join us for Countdown!




Day 8


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