Who Would Play YOU in a Movie?

Who Would Play YOU in a Movie?

Years ago when I was stationed in Virginia, we used to go as a community to the concerts given by the Marine Corps band on the steps of the Capital Building during the summer months. Somehow I got signed up for their newsletter and each one I received had the profile of a member of the band. A question always asked was, “Who would play you in a movie?” My reaction wasn’t to start thinking of the answer but rather, “Who would be crazy enough to make a movie about me anyway?”

Then I started thinking about some of the “based on a true story” movies I’ve seen recently: Captain Phillips, The Impossible, The Monuments Men. They are stories of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. If it weren’t for the unusual circumstances they experienced we would never have heard about them. Yet they were hijacked, survived a tsunami and went searching for priceless art stolen by Hitler and so their stories merited the big screen treatment.

Nothing in my life thus far would garner the attention of Hollywood producers but it is worthy of the star treatment. After all, I’m baptized. When I came up from the waters of baptism, God claimed me as his own. Thus, in the eyes of the One who created me, my life is extraordinary.  By trying to live faithful to the grace of Baptism each day, I write a story that is of extraordinary value in the eyes of God (even if I mess up from time to time—well, OK, a lot of the time).

Around the world right now, the catechumens who will be baptized at Easter are preparing for a dramatic change in their story lines. They will go down into the waters of Baptism and come out a whole new creation, a member of God’s family. This event might seem insignificant to some but those of us who know the power of God in our lives, baptism is a defining moment.

Take a moment to think of how your own baptism impacts your daily life. What difference does it make? How has your story been written up to now? Where is it going? Lent is a great time to ponder these things and to begin anew to appreciate our baptism and put it into practice in our every day choices and actions.

You and I, we might not end up on the big screen, but it’s more important to be a star with the ONE who really matters. And we are—whether we think we deserve it or not. Oh, and if I had to answer that profile question, I think maybe Oprah Winfrey. It’s the hair!




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