HeartWork Retreats

HeartWork Retreats

Sr. Kathryn’s HeartWork Retreats

Sr. Kathryn is the founder of HeartWork (www.pauline.org/heartwork) and author of Beginning Contemplative Prayer and Cherished by the Lord, as well as eight other books which have been translated into a number of other languages.. Her approach to spirituality is both contemplative and practical, guiding retreatants to deeper prayer while at the same time offering practical tools for self-awareness so that retreatants are more aware of what they desire, what are the obstacles that stand in the way, and what to do about them.

Song of Songs Retreat (a 5-7 day retreat based on the Song of Songs leading retreatants to a greater trust in God’s love. Gradually we follow the thread of intimacy through this Biblical text and at the same time practically learn how to dissolve the personality issues which stand in the way of us living as the Beloved)

Depression Retreat (3-5 hour retreat for those suffering with emotional struggles, offering guided prayer, practical information, and biblical depth)

Mid-Life Restart (a 3-5 hour retreat that specifically addresses mid-life issues through guided prayer and practical tools of self-awareness specifically designed for the person facing the challenges and possibilities of their mid-life years)

What to expect: Guided prayer, a lot of handouts, guides for personal growth in self-awareness, practical tools you can do on the retreat and take with you on your journey

Duration of the retreats is flexible according to request.

Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes entered the Daughters of St. Paul in 1978, making her final vows in 1989. She holds a BA in English Literature from Emmanuel College and a Masters of Theological Studies from Weston Jesuit School of Theology. For the past 15 years she has been immersed in the Pauline mission at the Publishing House of Pauline Books and Media in the Digital Department and the Acquisitions Office of Pauline Books and Media Centers. She has written 10 books on topics including depression, spirituality, popular devotion, and personal growth. Her books include Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach, Holding on to Hope, St. Joseph: Help in Life’s Emergencies, Beginning Contemplative Prayer, and Cherished by the Lord. A popular speaker, Sr. Kathryn has given retreats, conferences and prayers throughout the country to parishes, religious communities, and catechetical/ministry conferences and meetings.

In 2012 Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes began HeartWork as a spiritual yet practical way to assist people with their growth as Catholics and as persons, leading them to a greater knowledge of themselves and of God. After witnessing the powerful effect this process has had on people’s lives, HeartWork now forms the foundation of all her writing and presentations.

How to contact Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes to schedule a retreat: kjhermes@paulinemedia.com     

A stipend of $1000 is requested for each retreat of 3 days with $500 added for each additional day.
Travel/lodging added for bookings beyond the Boston metropolitan area. Photocopying handouts are the responsibility of the contracting group.

Catholic resources for all ages can be made available for purchase before and after all sessions in the Boston area. 





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