Blessings. We All Need Them.

Blessings. We All Need Them.

I'm from Louisiana—born, bred and raised Cajun.  Since I joined the convent in 1977, I've ventured far from the bayous and seen quite a bit of the world.  And even though I speak "y'all", which doesn't always translate perfectly, there are other things that do, most powerfully 

Take, for instance, blessings.  I remember working with Sr. Irene for two days straight in the bowels of a New York skyscraper taking apart and extracting about 60 units of metal shelving that were donated to the convent.  On one of our gazillion trips through the lobby past the Jewish secretary, a workman held the door open for us as we carried some shelving through.  "God bless you!" we said to him and he smiled.  The secretary, having witnessed this scenario quite a few times now, could no longer contain herself.  "Sister," she cried out, "I want a blessing too!"  Delighted, we happily obliged. 

Blessings.  We all need them; we all desire them!  Something deep inside prompts us to yearn for God's loving presence and seek it.   Yet sometimes we are blind to the blessings around us, blind to the wonders God can work even with something we originally thought was a disaster:  a transfer, a lost job, a shift in the economy or what have you.  That's why I like the song "Blessings" so much on our new album "Your Love Carries Me."  It reminds me that God is with me, His presence being the greatest blessing of all.  God is that loving, understanding Father who helps me through everything and really wants me to learn what love is all about.  The song points to a great truth, that we don't clearly see the depth and height and immensity of God's love and goodness present in us and around us.  "God hears each desperate plea," the lyrics remind us and we know with great, great compassion God answers us. 

Blessings.  If you get a chance, listen to the song.  I promise you, it will move you to a deeper realization of God's love and presence in our lives. 

Blessings!  That's why I like singing alto in our choir.  Before we go out to perform, we gather to pray that we might be a blessing for all those in the audience.  What the people in the audience don't realize is how much we are blessed by their presence, their faith and encouragement, their compassion and service of others in their own everyday lives. 

Blessings...I would love to hear just how God is blessing you today, for I know he absolutely is.  Do drop me a line and let me know.  Or maybe you have a story recalling how God has worked things out, brought blessing, in very unexpected ways.  I would love to hear it!




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