Pauline Books & Media Wins Four Excellence in Publishing Awards

Pauline Books & Media Wins Four Excellence in Publishing Awards

BOSTON, MA — MAY 19, 2015–The Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) announced the 2015 Excellence in Publishing Awards yesterday, honoring Pauline Books & Media with the top three awards in the Children’s Books category and one award in the General Interest category. The ACP awards traditionally recognize the best in Catholic publishing, and will be given out at the Religious Booksellers Trade Exhibit (RBTE) in St. Charles, Illinois on May 28.

“We are so excited to hear about the ACP awards,” said Children’s Book Editor Jaymie Stuart Wolfe. “This affirms the quality work of our authors and illustrators, and recognizes Pauline Books & Media’s wholehearted commitment to providing the very best in Catholic books.”

First place winner in the Children’s Books category is The Story of Saint John Paul II: A Boy Who Became Pope written and illustrated by Fabiola Garza. This beautifully-illustrated biography for 6-9 year olds tells the captivating story of the boy who would grow to become leader of the Church and a saint for our times.

Second place winner, also in the Children’s Books category, is I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For and Give by Nicole Lataif and illustrated by Katy Betz. Through whimsical prose and colorful illustrations, this book not only teaches children ages 4–7 the value of forgiveness, but also teaches how to give and receive forgiveness in a variety of circumstances. This book is also a recent Christopher Award-winning title.

Tied for third place in Children’s Books category is Discovery at Dawn by Marie Grace Dateno, FSP. This sixth and final book in the Gospel Time Trekkers Series joins Caleb and his siblings as they travel back to Gospel times and finally encounter Jesus at the most pivotal moment in Christianity. Children ages 6-9 continue to enjoy this time-travel series illustrated by Paul Cunningham.

Tied for third place in the General Interest category is The Prodigal You Love: Inviting Loved Ones Back to the Church written by Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP, a Catholic who turned away from the faith and had adopted an atheist viewpoint but eventually returned to the Church and became a professed religious sister. This book also contains a foreword by Father Dave Dwyer, CSP of Busted Halo®.

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