Intelligent Designers: Webathon Novena Day 5

Intelligent Designers: Webathon Novena Day 5

“See that you make everything according to the pattern shown you” (Ex. 25:40).

For the Chosen People, the Promised Land was move-in ready, “with houses you did not build and olive groves you did not plant” (see Dt. 6:11). Our “Promised Land” (a former warehouse) needs a bit of attention in order to be outfitted for the needs of our mission. We're on the move already! With a daily goal of $4,500, we hope that during this Webathon Novena, you can help us get to the Promised Land!

During the Exodus, that journey of the Chosen People through the desert to the Promised Land, God gave Moses detailed instructions for the design and furnishing of a sacred meeting tent. It was a kind of portable Temple: Solomon would follow the same instructions when building the great Temple of Jerusalem. There were practical instructions concerning dimensions and materials, but also detailed descriptions of an artistic nature. God wanted his Temple to be beautiful: a replica, in its own way, of his artistry in creation. Today's prayer in the Webathon Novena for communicators is for graphic designers, those talented artists who shape the visual environment of every book, magazine, product package or advertisement you see. Our sister-designers work with the same tools and the same artistic concern for authenticity. We like to think that their work consecrates the work of all graphic designers, gently encouraging them to put their talents at the service of truth. 

Our Founder Blessed James Alberione, in a prayer to Our Lady, promised, “We want our editions to be worthy in form of the truths which they contain, and together with you, present Jesus to the world.” When a book leaves the editor's hands or a new album comes from the choir, Sister Mary Joseph and the other sisters in the design department put it into fitting visual shape. A great deal of thought and effort goes into the cover, of course, but there may also be illustrations to provide. Even the font for the text or back cover has to match the tone, content and audience of the work, while things such as chapter headings and page margins also require close attention. (There is also the matter of proofreading and correcting the inevitable errors that show up!)

One of the biggest challenges the sisters currently face is an imbalance in the distribution of heat throughout the floor. It isn't that unusual to see a sister bundled up at her computer wearing coat and scarf, moving the mouse with a gloved hand as she refines a page layout or puts an illustration in place. Your contribution to our Webathon will help us address the ventilation problems that continue to threaten the sisters' health and disrupt their sisters' work for the Gospel.

Join us in today's prayer that the media will be used more and more to promote all that is true, good, and beautiful. We'd love for you to share this page with others!


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Prayer of a Graphic Designer

God, Creator of the universe,

you put in perfect order what had been chaos at the beginning of time.

In justice and right the plans of your great design took on form.

With the touch that only a Master Artist can give,

you took the elements of nature and fashioned

the most marvelous work of art the world will ever know.

Words fall short to describe the timeless beauty of your creation,

which never ceases to delight and inspire.

From the invisible atom to the human person,

your presence is found throughout the universe,

sustaining everything in being.

In Jesus Christ, our Divine Master, you expressed the fullness

of your infinite beauty and goodness.

In him you revealed yourself;

through him you have revealed us to ourselves.

In his light we artists are to shed light upon the path

and destiny of humanity in every age (see Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Artists, no. 14).

For this we offer and give you the world of art and design.

Consecrate them for your purposes.

Take all our creative energies—our tools, projects, time, and resources.

Attentive to the aesthetic quality that our works demand,

may each visual we produce be a reflection of your splendor,

shining on the face of Christ (see 2 Cor 4:6).

©2015, Daughters of St Paul. Excerpted from Live Christ! Give Christ! Prayers for the New Evangelization(Pauline Books & Media, Boston).

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