Standing at the River Jordan: Webathon Novena Day 9

Standing at the River Jordan: Webathon Novena Day 9

"I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you, praying always with joy in my every prayer for all of you because of your partnership for the gospel” (Phil. 1:3-5).

For the Bible's Chosen People, the Promised Land was move-in ready, “with houses you did not build and olive groves you did not plant” (see Dt. 6:11). Our own “Promised Land” (a former warehouse) needs a bit of attention in order to be outfitted for the needs of our mission. We're on the move already! With a daily goal of $4,500, we hope that during this Webathon Novena, you can help us get to the Promised Land!

Throughout these nine days, we have introduced you to many of the sisters who are or will be working in the "Promised Land" of the Daughters of St. Paul convent. Now we're standing at the edge of the River Jordan, on this final day of our Webathon Novena. Thank you for walking these steps to the Promised Land with us, and for sharing our posts through social media. (Be sure to share this last Webathon post, too!)

It was Blessed James Alberione's desire that we not simply work in media evangelization as a way of supporting ourselves, but that we evangelize the media culture itself, consecrating every aspect of communications technology and making reparation in a positive way for the harm done to souls when those same ingenious inventions are misused. Knowing how vital it is that all we do come from and lead back to the Eucharistic Jesus,  he gave us a daily prayer that presents the media world to God to be consecrated by him in Christ.

We share this prayer with you in the hope that these intentions will resound in your heart, as well, and that you will become a prayer-partner with us in lifting up the world of media, and every person who participates in it, to God.

If you are able to help us meet our Webathon goal and take the final steps into the Promised Land of our mission, know that you will also be remembered in the Novena of Remembrance which begins tomorrow (nine days of Masses for our benefactors and their deceased loved ones). You remain in the prayers of the sisters and in the monthly Mass offered for the intentions of our benefactors and friends. May God bless you!

Join us in today's prayer that the media will be used more and more to promote all that is true, good, and beautiful. We'd love for you to share this page with others!



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A Eucharistic Offertory for the Media (Pauline Offertory)



in union with all those celebrating the Eucharist throughout the world, I wish to unite myself with the heart and intentions of your beloved Son, Jesus, who offered his life for our salvation:

—that the media may always be used to support the good of each person and the common good; to uplift the sacred dignity of every human person, especially those who are poor and most vulnerable; to nurture marriage and family life; to bring about solidarity, peace, greater justice, and equality for all people; and to build respect for the gifts of God’s creation;

—in reparation for the errors and scandals spread throughout the world through the misuse of the media;

—to call down your mercy upon those who have been deceived or manipulated by the misuse of the media, and led away from your fatherly love;

—for the conversion of those who have spread error, violence, or a disregard for the dignity of the person by wrongly using the media and rejecting the teaching of Christ and his Church;

—that we may follow Christ alone whom you, Father, in your boundless love sent into the world, saying, “This is my beloved Son, hear him”;

—to acknowledge and to make known that Jesus alone, the Word Incarnate, is the perfect Teacher, the trustworthy Way who leads to knowledge of you, Father, and to a participation in your very life;

—that in the Church the number of priests, religious, and lay people who are dedicated as apostles of the media will increase in number and grow in holiness, making resound throughout the world the message of salvation;

—that all those who work in the media with good will (writers, artists, directors, editors, technicians, producers, advertisers, and distributors) may grow in wisdom and uprightness, living and spreading worthy human and Christian values;

—that the undertakings of Catholics in all forms of media may continually increase, so that by more effectively promoting genuine human and Christian values, they will silence the voices that spread error and evil;

—that well aware of our inadequacy and unworthiness, we may recognize our need to draw near the font of life with great humility and trust and be nourished with your Word, Father, and with the Body of Christ, invoking light, love, and mercy for all men and women.

(Based on a prayer of Blessed James Alberione)


©2015, Daughters of St Paul. Excerpted from Live Christ! Give Christ! Prayers for the New Evangelization(Pauline Books & Media, Boston).

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