O Lord, Use Me: Prayers for Our Nation

O Lord, Use Me: Prayers for Our Nation

Lord, make me an instrument of your grace.
Where there is ignorance, let me bring inspiration;
Where there is prejudice, understanding;
Where there is weariness, strength;
Where there is ugliness, beauty;
Where there is loneliness, companionship;
Where there is sadness, joy;
Where there is fear, courage;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is hatred, love.
Lord, fill my mind with your truth,
my heart with your love,
my whole being with your Spirit.
Grant me the supreme gift
of forgetfulness of self in service of others,
and make your mission mine.

(Excerpt from Live Christ! Give Christ!)

“When justice rules, we find faith in treaties, honesty in affairs and order in politics. The earth is at peace. Even heaven, so to speak, gladly sends its light and gently influences us.” 


Practice for Today:

On your social media and in your conversations today, see how often you can offer something to others that might bring joy in the midst of sadness, faith in the midst of doubt, love in the midst of hatred, beauty in the midst of ugliness, and understanding where there is hatred.




Prayer and Holiness, Inspiration


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