Pray to Your Father in Secret Lenten Book Club

Pray to Your Father in Secret Lenten Book Club

We invite you to join our Lenten Book Club led by Sr. Kathryn Hermes and Jeannette de Beauvoir.

This Lent we’re reading and talking about a wonderful book, Pray to Your Father in Secret, by Father Jean Lafrance.

Fr. Lafrance was a priest and highly sought-after retreat director. He saw that many people who made retreats with him were anxious to continue the experience on their own, while others, who weren’t able to go on retreat, wanted some of that experience for themselves. And so he came to write Pray to Your Father in Secret, never dreaming that it would become a true spiritual classic.

It’s easy to see from this book why so many people loved Fr. Lafrance’s retreats. He brings a gentleness to his words, a sense of peace and confidence that translates to the reader. But he himself says that we shouldn’t read his words, but rather pray them!

Come with us as we explore: 

•    The God of Dialogue 
•    The Way of Salvation
•    The Working Out of Salvation
•    The Dialogue with God


Here's where to see inside the book and get the book:

Pray To Your Father In Secret

Here’s how it will work:

Each Sunday we’ll post a study guide for that week’s section and will send you an email reminder with the link.

On Thursday of each week we’ll update the blog post with an audio recap of insights from a group discussion on the same material as well as a short video meditation to help you pray with the material. We’ll also send an email with a direct link to the new material.


You can decide to participate in any way you’d like:

You could read the book along with the study guide. You’re welcome also to listen to the insights in the audio recording and pray with the guided meditation posted on Thursday.

You could leave comments with your thoughts and impressions, as well as interact with others in the discussion.

You could decide to participate in a more contemplative manner and use the material in your own prayer.

You could read the book and use the added material in the blog posts with a friend.

You could share the posts freely on facebook and twitter or bring them to a real-life prayer group.

Lenten reading plan:

Week 1  Introduction and Preface
Week 2  The God of Dialogue
Week 3  The Way of Salvation
Week 4  The Working Out of Salvation
Week 5  The Dialogue with God
Week 6  Conclusion


Weekly reminders

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