Pray to Your Father in Secret Lenten Book Club - Week 6

Pray to Your Father in Secret Lenten Book Club - Week 6

Welcome to the final reflection of the Online Lenten Book Club!
During these six weeks of Lent, we are reading and reflecting on the classic on prayer, Pray To Your Father in Secret by Jean Lafrance. For more information about the book club, visit this blog post.  You can find Pray To Your Father in Secret at .


Week 6, Appendix - Self-Surrender & Conclusions

The Appendix is a reflection on self-surrender, written by St. Thérèse Couderc. We all find the thought of self-surrender difficult, yet it is easy to practice. “My God, I want to be wholly yours; deign to accept my offering.”

The Appendix on self-surrender may seem a little out of place here, following up on Fr. Lafrance’s guided retreat on prayer, but as we think about it, we realize that in order to enter into a real relationship with God, it’s necessary to surrender ourselves. It’s impossible to open ourselves up to others and to God without first giving up our preconceived notions about who we are, how the world should be, our role in life, and so on. With that in mind, re-read this appendix and see how it integrates seamlessly with Fr. Lafrance’s words.



For Reflection & Discussion

  1. As noted at the start, this book was written so that people could extend the concept of retreat into their own time, homes, and lives. Do you think that Fr. Lafrance succeeded in his self-appointed task? 
  2. What have you learned about prayer from this book? Has it changed the way that you pray?

  3. What practical steps can you take to keep Fr. Lafrance’s words alive in your daily life and work?

We thank you for joining us in the study of this spiritual classic and pray that God may continue to bless you throughout the Easter season!


We invite you to share your insights and answers to these questions
in the comments area below. 


You can purchase your copy of this classic book on prayer here.


Lenten reading plan:

Week 1  Introduction and Preface
Week 2  The God of Dialogue
Week 3  The Way of Salvation
Week 4  The Working Out of Salvation
Week 5  The Dialogue with God
Week 6  Conclusion


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