What Does Dad Really Want for Father’s Day?

What Does Dad Really Want for Father’s Day?

We asked a few fathers we know what they’d really like to have for Father’s Day. You might enjoy their responses… and please feel free to add to them! We’d love to hear what you’d truly like for Father’s Day, too! What would make a great gift or activity for your special day?

“Honestly, my favorite thing is playing board games with my wife and daughters. We do it once a month, have a nice supper then make some popcorn and play games for hours on end. Sometimes it’s just charades, or it can be Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit. I get to laugh and talk with Erin and Susan in ways that I just can’t most of the time. So for Father’s Day? Bring on the games!” (Bill, Colorado)

“My son Patrick lives with his mother on the other side of the city. I never really know what to do with Father’s Day, because when we were still married, Jody used to take care of that, bake a cake, help Patrick wrap presents, buy the card, all that. She makes sure that he spends Father’s Day with me, but it’s kind of odd, since I have to do all the planning. I guess if I could have my wish, I’d get the day catered, somebody to cook and decorate and all that so I can just focus on my son.” (Michael, NYC)

“A new grill. Seriously. I know it’s cliché, Dad and his grill, but I love to use it and there are some really spectacular new ones out there. Give me a grill and I’ll cook for you forever!” (Brian, Tennessee)

“I don’t need presents, though I’m really touched when I get them, when Carol saves her allowance to buy me something or Martin makes a clay dish or something at school and wraps it up… Someday when I’m old and they’re gone and I miss them, I’ll love taking all this stuff out and looking at it. But right now all I want for Father’s Day is to spend it with them. To take a hike, maybe. Even a camping trip: I’d love to spend a whole weekend on a family camping trip. Time is the most precious commodity I have with these guys.” (Walter, California)


And for the “father” we all have at church…

“It’s funny how few people think that a priest could use Father’s Day, too! Once in a while after Mass a parishioner will say, ‘Happy Father’s Day, Father!’ and then laugh, like it’s a joke. But it’s no joke. I have hundreds of ‘children’ under my care. My perfect Father’s Day? The day off, and a good round of golf!” (Fr. Ian, Florida)

“I guess Father’s Day is for me, too. I haven’t really thought about it—my dad is alive and well and I always connect Father’s Day to him. But if anyone wanted to send me any of the books on my wishlist, I wouldn’t say no!” (Fr. Scott, Massachusetts)


Now it’s your turn! Fathers, tell us the truth! What would you really love to have or do on Father’s Day?




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