What To Get Dad for Father’s Day

What To Get Dad for Father’s Day

It’s a perennial question. Let’s face it, shopping for Mom is a lot easier: scarves, jewelry, items for the kitchen, the list is endless. But there are just so many ties that Dad can fit into his closet!

We have a few suggestions to help this year. Instead of that ubiquitous tie, why not get something special that Dad will treasure, that will improve his life, that he’ll return to again and again?

Two great books are available to help Dad get his life organized and on track:

  • When The Lord Speaks to Your Heart is a collection of robust meditations organized into short, accessible daily readings. Fr. Gaston Courtois’ focus is on relationship with the Father, the Spirit, and Jesus. This isn’t a book about the practice of religion, but a book about the practice of the relationship of loving God in daily living.
  • Plan of Life is designed to put order into busy lives. From routine tasks to complex projects and special events, Dad needs to have a plan! Fr. Roger Landry provides a practical, accessible, and very helpful means of developing a plan for living the faith and growing in holiness.

Fathers serve as role models for their children; but who serves as role models for them? We have some ideas about that …

  • Fulton J. Sheen is a collection of quotes, thoughts, and meditations by one of the biggest media personalities of the twentieth century. Sheen always had time for those who came seeking his advice, and as a result was responsible for countless conversions to the Church. His life and wisdom are inspirational.
  • Oscar Romero: Prophet of Hope provides a biography of the Church’s newest soon-to-be-saint, a man who stood up for his principles and tended his flock with compassion and love. This book helps readers gain insight on how they, too, can live a faith-filled life in a dangerous and challenging world.

Our culture urges men to be strong, to never show weakness or fear or doubt. It’s not a healthy way to live. Here are some books that can help Dad explore the scary side of life:

  • When Faith Feels Fragile will refresh and map the route to a stronger faith and more closeness with God. Help Dad give his faith a tune-up!
  • Man to Man, Dad to Dad is a collection of faith-filled reflections by fourteen Catholic men, the value of a Catholic father's identity and purpose is affirmed; it provides a realistic approach to making relationships more involved and fulfilling.

Contemplation, meditation, reflection… who has time for them? Maybe this Father’s Day is an opportunity to help Dad find time for those elusive but essential practices:

  • Way of Wonder is a short collection of thoughts by brilliant author and theologian G.K. Chesterton. The content is positive, uplifiting, and inspirational. The back matter is especially helpful, with editor's notes providing much-needed context and background information.
  • Pray to Your Father in Secret is for anyone seeking reassurance that God "takes pleasure in being with you." Fr. Jean Lafrance suggested that the text be prayed, rather than read, so it's sure to be the first book Dad turns to when he needs to reach out to God.

There are many wonderful ways to thank Dad—whether he’s your father, grandfather, faither-in-law, or stepfather—for all the ways he has enriched your life through his presence and love. Making him a lasting gift from Pauline Books and Media shows that you want to enrich his life, as well.

And remember that our books come with something extra-special: the prayers of the community of the Daughters of St. Paul. How's that for a Father's Day gift?

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