Christmas in July? Why Not!

Christmas in July? Why Not!

It’s hot and it’s humid and what most of us want more than anything these days is a bit of shade and a glass of iced lemonade. What do you mean, talk about Christmas?

Leave me alone!

The truth is—and we all know it—that Advent has a way of creeping up on us. The calendar seems to accelerate once school starts in the fall, and if you’re like me, every year you say the same thing: I wish I’d started my Christmas shopping last summer!

It certainly would be more convenient to have shopping done before the beginning of the season. But it’s more than just convenient: it’s essential for our spiritual health as well! Because we all know what happens: we decide that this is the year we’ll make a conscious effort to spend Advent with Jesus. We’ll go to Mass more often, we’ll light Advent candles, we’ll have extra family prayer time. And then… life happens. Parties. Kids’ activities. Work issues. Family expectations. Shopping. Somehow, Jesus doesn’t seem to have much room to fit in.

There are 151 more days until Christmas. Why not take a few minutes now—and take advantage of our sale!—to save money and time, so that when Advent is here you’ll be able to focus on other things? Then, when the countdown starts edging into the double and finally the single digits, you’ll be able to breathe, to celebrate, to anticipate the coming of Our Lord… instead of rushing out to the store!

We have some particularly special stocking-stuffers on sale this July, all of them priced under five dollars:

Especially for kids:

  • Between You and Me, God, $1.00: A lovely prayer book of prayers written by kids ages 10-14. Classroom idea for Christmas gifts!
  • I Learn About Jesus, $1.00: English/Spanish language story and activity pages for ages 5-8. Classroom idea for Christmas gifts!
  • A Donkey’s Tale, $5.00: Children 6-8 will be delighted with this talking donkey who accompanies Jesus everywhere.
  • The Stepping Stones Comic Collection, $1.00: Children 7-12 will love the adventures of a group of friends on a journey toward God. Classroom idea for Christmas gifts!
  • The Stepping Stone Journals, $1.00: Comic strip characters share their deepest secrets in these journals for kids ages 8-12.
  • Miracles of Jesus Coloring Book, $1.00: Kids ages 6-8 love coloring in these exciting moments in Jesus’ ministry.
  • Pictures of Me, $5.00: A fun read about 11-year-old word-loving Annie!

Bible Stories for children and young Catholics:

  • My Storytime Bible, $10.00; The true story of God's amazing love comes alive in My Storytime Bible with the help of playful words and delightful pictures. Interactive questions invite children to relate the Bible to their own experiences. Perfect for ages 4 – 7 and an excellent read-aloud for little ones.
  • My Bible: The Story of God's Love, $10.00; n every page, unique catechetical sidebars, and age-appropriate language a special section make it the perfect gift for young Catholics ages 6-8.
  • Bible for Young Catholics, $10.00: Here at last is a children's Bible that combines the action and excitement that young people crave with the clarity of Catholic biblical scholarship. Through these pages march the colorful events and stories of salvation history, shown in relation to the civilizations and cultures that helped to shape God?s people. Ages 9 – 12

Fiction for Teens:

  • Martyred: The Story of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, $5.00; September 29, 1637, Nishizaka Hill, Japan: Lorenzo Ruiz, a prisoner upholding the Christian virtues of courage and faith, is martyred for his refusal to renounce his Catholic faith. This novelized account of the life of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, a married Chinese-Filipino layman, retraces the series of events that lead up to his violent martyrdom in 17th century feudal Japan.
  • Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean, $2.00; Enter into the life of Gloria Jean Wisnewski: a 14-year-old girl who comes up with a very specific set of rules for what thou shalt and thou shalt not do to be granted her long-awaited first kiss.

Especially for teachers:

  • Feast Days of Holidays, $10.00: From All Saints' Day and Pentecost to Thanksgiving and Independence Day, the year is full of reasons-both sacred and secular-to celebrate!
  • The Lent-Easter Book, $10.00: A complete guide to the Lent-Easter season for teachers and parents!
  • How to Watch Movies with Kids, $2.00: Tips, questions, and resources for the media world and your classroom.
  • Our Media World, $5.00: Teaching kids K through 8 about faith and the media is less challenging when you have this handy guide.

Especially for parents:

For friends, loved ones, even yourself!

  • Christ in Our Midst, $5.00: One of the most powerful books in our Classic Wisdom Collection, this is mystic Caryll Houselander’s drive to see Jesus in everyone.
  • Soul of Christ, $5.00: This meditation on a fourteenth-century prayer draws readers deeper into union with Jesus.
  • Inspiration from Pope Francis: $2.00: Selected excerpts contain his inspirational, pithy thoughts on a wide array of topics, ranging from Jesus Christ to the Holy Spirit, to education and family.
  • A Simple Life, $5.00: Wisdom from St Jane Frances de Chantal

This is just a small sampling: check out all of the books on sale this July, and remember that the more time, money, and energy you save by shopping now, the more prepared you’ll be to celebrate a calm and enriching Advent season!






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