What Do I Do with My Anger? How a Community of Faith Can Help

What Do I Do with My Anger? How a Community of Faith Can Help

One of the most powerful aspects of the Catholic Church is that it is a community. We’re known as the “community of faith,” and our liturgies and sacraments reflect that emphasis.

And can I just say, it’s a good thing? Because, historically, the Church has had to contend with a great many problems, challenges, and even tragedies, difficult and trying times that no member of the community would be able to survive alone, without the support of Christian sisters and brothers. Thank God we have each other!

And of course, we find ourselves in one such time now, as we hear ongoing revelations of how so many innocent children and vulnerable adults have suffered—and continue to suffer—at the hands of those they should have been able to trust. Sitting alone in a room absorbing, reading and thinking about, even praying about these situations can lead quickly to despair. This is a time for community, a time to seek help and perspective and companionship as we work through what can be done to heal, make amends, and create change.

That’s where My Sisters comes in. My Sisters is a unique virtual community for both women and men seeking the sacred in everyday life, a place where you can find accompaniment on your journey, no matter what it is you’re going through—but especially, perhaps, when you’re feeling pain and confusion.

This is a time when none of us should be alone. We need each other’s support as we ask the truly difficult questions:

  • How can we keep the Church alive in the wake of the damage that’s been done?
  • Will people turn away from God because of what’s happened?
  • What do I do with all my anger?
  • Will there ever be justice in the Church?
  • How can I pray in this difficult time?

We at My Sisters don’t have all the answers, but we’re asking these and many other questions, too, and we are here, present, on the journey with you.

We all carry scars; we all go through difficult times. It’s a truism that being with someone else halves one’s pain and doubles one’s joy; but that’s exactly what we experience with My Sisters. It’s a sacred space that you can take with you and enter whenever you need it, a space where you can ask questions, express feelings, and find your identity as God’s beloved child nurtured and sustained. No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord, you’ll be able to gain strength for your spiritual journey with access to a living library of multimedia resources, livestream prayer and retreat opportunities, and spiritual companionship and guidance from the Daughters of St. Paul, your sisters in Christ—all prayerfully drawn from their personal, lived experience of God and the riches of our shared Catholic spiritual heritage.

Take a moment, now, to explore My Sisters and remember that you are not alone. The community of faith surrounds you, God’s love lives within you, and there is nothing that can happen within—or outside of—the Church that can change that!






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