A Mother's Journey

A Mother's Journey

Maybe you’re a mom.

Biological, adoptive, foster, spiritual, school-mom, hospital-mom, mother-figure… however your motherhood is expressed.

Maybe you’re a mom.

And maybe you remember taking your mom for granted.

I know I did. I saw my mom work for me, care for me, fight for me, and love me every day. And sure, I was grateful, but I didn’t realize just how much it all cost her… or how much joy I brought her.

And that’s the heart of a mother.

We tend to think of a mother as giving without counting the cost… except, that’s just it, sometimes we do count the cost. Labor, sleepless nights, isolation from friends, scares and disappointments, and even the longsuffering of our loved one turning their back on home or faith… Motherhood costs a lot. So why? Why give all this? Because that unconditional sacrificial love brings the greatest joy – the abundant life of a precious human soul thriving in the light of God’s love.

Yeah, it’s worth it.

And this is why a mother’s heart is a reflection of God’s own heart.

He lay down everything for the joy of seeing His children come to accept His love, and to come to live fully, thriving in the light of that love.

A mother’s heart reflects the heart of God.

So maybe you’re a mom. And you want to live fully and thrive, secure and at peace in your heart. Maybe you’re longing to be supported, to be nurtured, to live in freedom. Maybe you are longing for that for your child. Maybe you know a woman like this.

These posts are for you. These posts are for her.

As Daughters of St. Paul, our prayer is that Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life be formed in us, so that we may see with his eyes, smile with his smile, love with his heart.

And this is also our prayer for you.

We hope these posts will provide a safe harbor for you to address hopes and fears, to share joys and struggles, and to find Christ hidden in the beating of your own heart.

Welcome to ‘A Mom’s Journey.’

Sister Orianne is a former teacher, youth minister, and Pregnancy Center peer counselor who takes great joy in accompanying moms and their kids on their journeys to joy and fulfillment.  She is currently a novice with the Daughters of St Paul, where she is excited to grow closer to Jesus each day, and bring all the moms she knows and loves to his heart in prayer.




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