Be Brave, My Child

Be Brave, My Child

Maybe you haven’t done it yet, or maybe you’ve done it a dozen times. Either way, the day you send your child off to school can be terrifying. Are they ready? Will they be safe? Will they be kind? Will they be loved?

In stepping out on their own, a child enters a new space in their life in which their mother cannot participate. And that’s scary. The only way a mom can enter into that piece of her child’s life is if, in some way, her child is brave enough to trust her with it, open up about it, and share it.

Until then, you’re left vulnerable to their fears, their shutting down, their keeping it all to themselves… you can only hope that with encouragement and love, your child will choose to let you in.

“Be brave, my child,” the heart whispers. “Trust me. Share with me.”

“Be brave, my child,” God’s heart whispers to you. “Trust me. Share with me.”

Just as you send your kids off to make their own choices and learn their own lessons, God allows us our free will every day. And just as you hope for your child to open up and share that life with you, God is yearning for you to open up totally to him so he can share in your life, and so you can share in his.

Openness can be hard. A child may keep quiet about their day to us, and we often keep our day from God. Maybe it’s because we’re hurt, angry, ashamed, confused, or scared. Maybe it’s because we feel like we can handle it fine on our own, or that this is a part he wouldn’t be very interested in. Maybe it’s just that we haven’t taken a moment to stop and reflect on what actually happened, falling into our own version of, “So what did you do today?” – “Nothing…”

Whether your day is wonderful, terrible, or completely mundane, God longs for you to share it with Him, even more than you long for your child to share their day with you! So as you strive to encourage communication in your child, start doing the same for yourself. Find something you’re not actively sharing with God, and be brave, trust him, and share it with Him today.

He won’t be bored. He won’t be angry. He won’t be disappointed. He wants to hear your voice. Speak your words to him.

Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life,
form yourself in me,
that I may see with your eyes,
smile with your smile,
and love with your heart.

Mary, our Mother, Teacher, and Queen,
pray for us.


by Sr. Orianne Dyck, novice




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