"I was born to comment" - Sr Mary Lea Hill, FSP

"I was born to comment" - Sr Mary Lea Hill, FSP

by Sr Mary Lea Hill, FSP, Author Complaints of the Saints

Well, I did have a book on this topic in mind for quite a while. Complaining is such a natural topic for me to cover. I feel I was born to comment on the obviously off-kilter that is all around in everyday life. ⁠

I have always maintained that complaints are really necessary social commentary. And I’m a master at this, long practiced. As for it being my memoirs, I guess it is in a kind of unraveled way. If you read through all my books my autobiography could be assembled. And this is where writing this book became work. There was definitely some assembly required. I had to mull over what complaining really is and how deeply I was involved. Then who else of note ever complained? How did I measure up to them? Could we have a championship competition? And the worst part was laying out what to do about the fine art of complaining. Let it go ahead unimpeded or institute a conversion process. So my new book has lots of stellar and saintly examples of complaining, and then it has me. Hopefully, my adventures in figuring why complaining is so compelling; how it survives despite a religious vocation; and what to expect as a final outcome will be helpful to the brave and indulgent reader.

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