Little App of Saints for KIDS

Little App of Saints for KIDS

Alot of parents have said this to us: I don't my kids to just play meaningless games when I let them play with my iPhone or even on their own. I wish there was something that would reinforce values which will help them be better people.

That's why we created Little App of Saints. First of all, why that name? Because it is based on our very popular series: Little Book of Saints. What the app gives you, however, which the book can't, is a very cool audio message straight from the saint to the child (or whoever is using the'll probably find yourself playing it also.) 

The child picks a saint, puts together a puzzle of the saint (there are three levels of difficulty), and then can choose from three of which is an audio message to the child from the saint themselves.

Check it out yourself:

Little App of Saints and More Little App of Saints




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