You can understand the Mass!

You can understand the Mass!

Understand what happens at Mass—and why.

How? The Mass Explained for Kids.

iMassExplained is a handy app to help you follow and understand the new translation of the Third Roman Missal.

The iMassExplained app for your iPhone or iPad offers much more than a workshop on the changes that will be implemented with the new translation. With iMassExplained, you will have in your hands not only the new words, but access to explanations of what is changing, information to deepen your understanding of what we do at Mass and why, and brief reflections of the Popes on the importance of the Mass and what it can mean for your everyday life. 

With the iMassExplained easy-to-follow format, you can choose when to get the explanations of the liturgy you want simply by tapping on the highlighted words. 

iMassExplained is a perfect resource for anyone wanting to take advantage of the “teachable moment” the new translation of the Mass offers us. It’s a great tool for priests, pastoral ministers, music directors, teachers, catechists, and parents. A great app whether you are thinking of becoming a Catholic, participating in RCIA, attending Mass regularly, or just plain curious. 

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