Rosary Miracle Prayer App

Rosary Miracle Prayer App

I remember when we first began thinking about making a rosary app. I thought people would prefer the touch of the beads. In fact, at that time many rosary apps were trying to simulate the touch of the beads...or rather the "tap" of the beads. But instead, what people really like about this app is the wonderful combination of the sisters' reflections and voices at prayer, the variety of images which they can meditate on as their pray, the scripture passages and prayer intentions, the music, the ability to email someone that you're praying for them.... It's the deeper things that really connect us to a tradition as old and as powerful in our lives as saying the rosary.

Unbelievably awesome. Very prayerful and beautiful! - Karen, Android Market review

I spend much of my workday working alone... so when I need a walk and some fresh air, I love taking the Sisters along with me for walk and a rosary. I really like the pace of the prayers and the consideration given to the meditations for each of the mysteries. I have a few other Rosary apps, but this is my favorite! - Pat, iTunes review

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