We are a mystery to ourselves

We are a mystery to ourselves

We are always a mystery to ourselves....

Jesus speaks to you:
Are you concerned that your intentions are not completely pure? 
Don’t be afraid. 
Human beings have mixed motives. 
Purification is a lifelong process. 
Begin where you are.

God’s word: “One there is who is good” (Matthew 19:17). “We also are men, of like nature with you…” (Acts 14:15).

Words of wisdom: “Relax, O chosen one! God loves you completely, cherishing your every step on your journey to Him. Hasten to Him with open arms. All He wants is your love.”
—Sr. Fintan Keaveney, CSN (Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth) www.nazarethhouse.org

To do: Try to get to the root of your motives for doing something that you freely choose to do. They’re complex, aren’t they? It’s good to reflect and examine your conscience daily, but you will always remain a bit of a mystery to yourself.

To journal: Write about a time you felt your intention was very pure. Did you feel God’s grace impelling you from within and without?

Prayer: “…I do what I do not want…. I do not do the good I want…. Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” (Romans 7:16, 19, 24–25)

by Sr. Helena R. Burns, FSP
He Speaks to You
Author of He Speaks to You
"The voice of Jesus jumps off the pages in He Speaks to You. Each topic is relevant to the questions so many women ask themselves today. Who am I? Can I truly be worthy of God's love? How can I discern where He is calling me in life? What role can I serve in His Kingdom? Deeply saturated in Scripture and truth, filled with words of wisdom of those who've walked the journey toward Christ, and including practical application, this book has the ability to transform any woman's prayer life." 
- Amanda Nissen, FOCUS Missionary, Illinois




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