We all need to know that God loves us for who we are

Using meditations, Scripture passages, stories and prayers, in this little book I offer a way to develop a personal relationship with God and to discover his unconditional love for us. I wrote See Yourself Through God's Eyes from my heart, hoping to create a guide to fostering healthy self-esteem and a sense of personal affirmation of God's love, for even the busiest reader. You can find out more about See Yourself Through God's Eyes here, or purchase the book here on our website store in print or in e-book format. 

If you'd like to try it out first, here are three free sample meditations for you. 

Sample Meditation #1 - God loves me for who I am 
Sample Meditation #2 - My hopes and disappointments open my heart to the blessings of God 
Sample Meditation #3 - I live in touch with the truth about myself 

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There are more resources about living in God's love accessible from the squares below, including a readers' guide for personal or group use. May God bless you! 

-Sr. Marie Paul Curley, FSP               

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These minute-meditations are designed to help you develop one area of your spiritual life: growing in self-esteem through the love of God who loves and cherishes you. Available from the Pauline Books & Media Center nearest you, or at our Pauline Online Store.

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