The Nuns Who Never Retire: Webathon Novena Day 6

The Nuns Who Never Retire: Webathon Novena Day 6

"He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Eccl. 3:11)

For the Chosen People, the Promised Land was move-in ready, “with houses you did not build and olive groves you did not plant” (see Dt. 6:11). Our “Promised Land” (a former warehouse) needs a bit of attention in order to be outfitted for the needs of our mission. We're on the move already! With a daily goal of $4,500, we hope that during this Webathon Novena, you can help us get to the Promised Land!

The sisters in our Queen of Apostles community are our secret source of prayer power. According to the possibilities of age and health, not only do the sisters pray (“unceasingly,” as the Scriptures urge us), they package the music CDs produced in our studio and even make many of the rosaries and small religious gift items for our webstore and our book centers around the country. With expert hands, they craft First Communion rosary bracelets, color-coordinated zipper pulls with favorite saints, bookmarks and missal ribbons. Their work not only lets the sisters contribute materially to our mission, it gives them an outlet for their creativity, too.

For several years now, the senior sisters have been working in a section of the old pressroom. They are happy to have a dedicated workshop for their projects, but there isn't really enough space for the sisters to maneuver their walkers safely and freely between their work stations and supplies.

While there's plenty of room for expansion, we'll need to dismantle and move our employee lunchroom before we can refit the space for our elderly sisters (at an estimated cost of $6000.)

If you are able to sponsor the senior sisters' workshop in its entirety, we would be happy to install a commemorative plaque there (in your name or in memory of a loved one) to constantly remind the sisters of your generosity, and to inspire extra prayers for your special needs and intentions. Sponsorship of the sisters' workshop includes a Perpetual Mass Enrollment for the donor or a loved one. We'll even invite you to make the final choice of a name for the area!

Join us in today's prayer that the media will be used more and more to promote all that is true, good, and beautiful. We'd love for you to share this page with others!


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Evangelization Prayer of One Who Is Elderly or Infirm

Divine Master, because of illness I am not physically able to do as much as I could before. I offer you these later years of my life. Accept my love, prayers, and sufferings in reparation for my sins and for the sins of humanity.

Grant salvation to all people on the face of the earth. Help me continue to witness to your love through a joy-filled life offered in service of the Gospel. Allow me the grace to move through each remaining day with calmness and kindness. I offer everything, even my death, for your glory and the good of all, and I trust in your love to lead me home. Amen.

©2015, Daughters of St Paul. Excerpted from Live Christ! Give Christ! Prayers for the New Evangelization(Pauline Books & Media, Boston).

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Make it out to Daughters of St. Paul. Send it to Webathon c/o Sr. Margaret Edward Moran, 50 St. Paul’s Ave., Boston, MA 02130. To donate by phone call 1-800-836-9723. 10am to 5pm EST. Thank you and God bless you.

Your Deceased Loved Ones Will Be Remembered in a Novena of Masses:
November 9 to November 18 in Our Motherhouse Chapel in Boston.






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