Pauline Books and Media Locations in the United States and Toronto, Ontario

Those who have visited a Pauline Books and Media Center or have established a relationship with us over the years, know that we are more than a book store. While you may find a few books from Catholic publishers in larger bookstore chains, in a Pauline Center you will find thousands of books—a wealth of wisdom, inspiration, and life-giving invitations to faith-filled growth. 

If you are looking for a word of solace and encouragement, inspiration, books and DVDs to pass the faith on to your children, resources for pastoral ministry, spiritual reading to deepen your faith or help you explore moral issues, you’ll want to make Pauline Books and Media one of your favorite places to go, either on-line or on foot. 

"Pauline Books and Media along Route One does more than sell books and religious goods, it does real ministry in so many ways. I've been telling them for years, they are more like a parish than a Barnes and Noble. As a voracious reader I love the selection, but as a Catholic and a priest, I love knowing there are places like Pauline Books and Media staffed by the wonderful Daughters and their great staff." (Fr. Timothy Kearney, Dedham MA)

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