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Celebrating 20 Years – Best Loved Songs
There Can Be Miracles
Treasury of Traditional Christmas Carols
Handmaiden of the Lord: Songs of Mary
Your Love Carries Me: Songs of Strength

About the Choir

For almost thirty years, the sisters of the Daughters of St Paul Choir have shared the consoling message of the God’s love through choral recordings. It’s a ministry of prayer for us: As we sing, we pray for all those whom our voices will reach through different channels, whether on the radio or on a movie soundtrack, in a car or on the phone, on Spotify or through a CD in a hospital room. And what a consolation it is for us when people tell us of the hope they have found (or of lives saved from suicide) through our music!

When we don’t know what to say, music can speak for us.
When we don’t now how to pray, music can carry us into God’s presence.
When grief overwhelms us, music is a consolation.
When our joy is inexpressible, music allows other people to share our happiness.

Inspired by St. Paul’s example, Blessed James Alberione urged us to spread the Word of God through every available form of media, so our sisters are writers, editors, illustrators, graphic designers and videographers.