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Media Mindfulness Articles

“With This Light” film about the “Mother Teresa” of Honduras releases in theaters

Occasionally, there comes along an extraordinary person whose life of faith and love touches thousands of lives for the...

Imbuing the Culture with Christ by Living a Media Spirituality

As media creators, we use these amazing “gifts of God” in our professional and personal lives. Yet, living and...

One Piece – Realizing Belonging

Season One of the live action adaptation of One Piece introduces a classic Japanese story to a whole new...

Film/TV Reviews

Thoughtful movie evaluations examine each film through diverse lenses—human, artistic, religious, and Catholic. With easily accessible movie reviews that are both media-savvy and faith-oriented, making informed choices about films for yourself and your family becomes simpler. Whether you’re searching for a discerning critique of a recent release or exploring for a film that lacks artistic excellence yet has a compelling message, our reviews offer the insights you need.

Cinema Divina Guides

Movies tell stories about our common human experience and our faith leads us to be more authentically human. We are excited to be able to make available to you the guides that we use at the Pauline Center for Media Studies.

Meeting Jesus at the Movies and Kids Meeting Jesus at the Movies Guides are resources intended to support you, your family, your classroom, and your parish in engaging with media from a faith perspective. 

By utilizing these tools, we aspire to provide a media-conscious approach to popular media, offering insights on how to enhance your relationship with Christ and others.

Download the two free “How To” guides below. These guides offer valuable tips for organizing a “Movie Night” with your parish group, class, or family. You can also download the guide for the film, The Bad Guys, for free!

Meeting Jesus at
the Movies

Kids Meeting Jesus
at the Movies

Meeting Jesus at the Movies: The Bad Guys

Purchasing Guidelines

Purchase of Meeting Jesus at the Movie Guides, Cinema Divina Guides, and Kids Meeting Jesus at the Movies Guides includes permission to photocopy and/or print out copies of purchased guides as needed for use in family, classroom, or parish/movie group, in noncommercial settings, on the conditions that:

  • The copies are provided to participants free of charge
  • Each page of the guide that is reproduced is reproduced in its entirety, including the copyright notice
  • Any commercial use of the copies is prohibited

Any other use that is not provided for in this notice, including the right to reproduce or transmit the guides in any other form or by any other means (including posting them online), is subject to written permission

Cinema Divina Events

Embark on a cinematic journey, coming together to contemplate our universal human experiences and the value of relationships. Through the practice of cinema divina and lectio divina with film, we explore the ways we communicate with one another and with God, fostering a deeper understanding of respectful engagement.