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Pauline Books & Media Centre

Offering Catholic books and media in English, Français, Italiano, Português & Español

Radiating the Light of Christ

When the first Pauline Books & Media Centres opened over a century ago, our founder Blessed James Alberione envisioned “centres of service … light and warmth in Jesus Christ.” Those who have visited a Pauline Books & Media Centre or have established a relationship with us over the years know that we are more than a book store. While you may find a few books from Catholic publishers in larger bookstore chains, in a Pauline Centre you will find thousands of books—a wealth of wisdom, inspiration, and life-giving invitations to faith-filled growth. 

Our Pauline Books & Media Centre in Toronto also serves as the Canadian distribution centre for the publications of the Daughters of St. Paul from other parts of the world to serve our multicultural Catholics in Canada.

Toronto, Ontario