You are in my daily prayers when you visit this website, as well as when you are reading a book or blogpost that I've written, that you may come to abide in the love of God. I hope that we can connect further virtually or in “real time.”


What's new? I just visited Chicago and several parishes in Illinois to lead some Advent retreats, and I will lead a New Year's Retreat in Los Angeles on January 7, 2017! Although I'm not doing as much on social media, I'm regularly posting on my two blogs below: CoAuthor Your Life with God (on discernment) and Windows to the Soul (Pauline media spirituality). 

On this site, readers can find additional resources on the Eucharist, God's love, holiness, and the saints. One of the greatest joys of my life is to be a Daughter of Saint Paul, and I love sharing about my vocation and the vibrant Pauline spirituality, which is ideal for Catholics in today's digital world!  

You can find me every month on the the Salt + Light Radio Hour that broadcasts across the USA and Canada, with Windows to the Soul, a unique spiritually Catholic view of the movies and media spirituality. Here you can also learn more about me, my books, and the workshops and retreats that I lead. I hope you'll be in touch--I look forward to hearing from you!


My book, See Yourself Through God's Eyes, will be released as an audio book next month! It will be available on CD from our webstore, and on iTunes and Audible for digital download!

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"Sr. Marie Paul Curley has a soft, gentle yet powerful approach to prayer. Soul of Christ breaks down the Anima Christi prayer to manageable contemplative pieces, perfect for the expert or novice praying person." - Allison Gingras, from Reconciled to You

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