A Eucharistic Spirituality for Today

Each of us has experienced times of fragmentation when we are overwhelmed by information that we don't have time or energy to process. Or when our thoughts lead us one way while our feelings pull us in another direction. Today, our society is troubled by a deep spiritual poverty and an inability to integrate the various aspects of life. When this happens, we tend to ignore our feelings or we act against our better judgment instead of letting our actions take into account both what we feel and what we think. We make decisions based on the “role” we are playing at the moment—student, worker, parent, shopper, etc.—rather than letting our words and decisions flow from the essence of who we are.  

Becoming Whole

Bl. James Alberione’s holistic approach challenges our tendency to break up our lives and to stuff the fragments into separate compartments where they never relate to each other. According to Alberione, Eucharistic adoration is a true encounter with Jesus, Way, Truth, and Life—Jesus who invites us to drop our masks in front of Him and, in the comfort of His love, to come to appreciate and respect our deepest, truest selves. In the security of His love, we can open ourselves to the transforming power of His grace in all the areas of our lives, so that we can gradually become ever more faithful instruments of His love for transforming the world.  “Devotion to Jesus Master sums up and completes all devotions. In fact, it presents Jesus Truth in whom to believe; Jesus Way, who is to be followed; Jesus Life in whom we…participate… Speaking of Jesus Master, we must keep in mind a much broader sense. He not only communicates knowledge, but He also transfuses His life into the disciples, making them similar to Himself. He develops the divine life in them and guides them to eternal life.”

Centered on Christ

Blessed James Alberione’s spirituality is founded on the Eucharist and the Word of God. His daily celebration of the Eucharist and the four or five hours he spent in adoration and contemplating the Word of God became the focal point of his day, sustaining an immensely hectic and active apostolic lifestyle. His holistic spirituality responds in a unique way to the yearnings of people today for healing and fulfillment.  

Explore the resources below to grow in your prayer before Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist.

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