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Sr. Tracey Matthia Dugas

New Orleans, LA

Get to Know Sr. Tracey Matthia Dugas

Sr. Tracey is our Cajun girl from Loreauville, Louisiana. She learned to dance with her mom in the kitchen and to sing at the top of her lungs on the back of a pickup truck. She is now the director of Pauline Mission Advancement, where she works to build relationships and raise funds to help the sisters be more effective in their evangelization efforts.

“I’m always amazed at how God can speak to the heart through music! I pray that he will speak to you of his immense love and never-failing mercy.” 

Evangelizing in the sphere of communications

We merge faith with contemporary media to spread the Gospel through diverse digital platforms.

Discern Your Vocation

Deepen your relationship with God, envision your life through His eyes, and crave His will for you. Be attentive to your innermost desires, your unique gifts, and how you can serve others with all that you are.