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Living and Giving Jesus Christ, Together

Since 1953, Boston has been home to the motherhouse, or main location, of the Daughters of St. Paul in North America. Here, we translate our personal and community life of prayer into a variety of creative expressions of God’s word in order to meet the needs of today’s world. Through Pauline Books & Media Publishing, we produce books that foster encounters with Christ. In our studios, we collaborate on audio, video, and visual art projects that radiate Gospel joy with contemplative depth.

We also operate several local ministries from this location, including the Aparecida Center, an onsite pastoral center for the Brazilian community; our Boston evangelization & outreach team; and a Pauline Books & Media Center in Dedham, MA. Read more about our Boston-based initiatives below, including local vocational discernment opportunities.

Daughters of St. Paul


Pauline Books & Media Publishing

The editorial offices and primary distribution warehouse for Pauline Books & Media Publishing are located on our Boston premises. The publishing arm of our ministry is rooted in our belief in the power of the written word to transform lives, which we experience daily in our own encounters with the Word of God.



Blessed James Alberione, the founder of the Daughters of St. Paul, told us: “The microphone is our pulpit.” Rejoicing in the power of audio to carry the Gospel message far and wide, we use our recording studios to collaborate on productions including the Daughters of St. Paul Choir’s albums, as well as podcasts in English and Spanish.


From our early black-and-white productions to hand-drawn animation, we have long been enthusiastic pioneers in the sphere of Catholic film production. These days, we bring our missionary zeal to the world of online video, where we produce catechetical series across a variety of social and digital media platforms.

Visual Arts

As the Spirit moves with creativity through each sister, we seek to respond with generosity by putting our talents at the service of the Gospel. Our inspirations take shape in our onsite studios for photography, painting, illustration, card design, textile arts, and rosary-making, among other expressions of our mission.

Aparecida Center

As part of our service to the people of the Archdiocese of Boston, we run the Aparecida Center, a Portuguese-language book center that provides pastoral accompaniment to the vibrant Brazilian community of the region. Through this collaboration with our sisters in Brazil, we are also able to provide Portuguese titles through our webstore.

Evangelization & Outreach

Just like our patron saint, St. Paul, we are always on the road bringing the Good News to God’s people. We host book fairs at parishes and schools around the region, in addition to providing book displays at diocesan and catechetical conferences. We also give presentations and talks, guide retreats, and lead parish missions.

To inquire about having a book display and/or inviting a sister to speak at your parish, school, or conference, contact our evangelization and outreach team.

Pauline Books & Media Center (Dedham, MA)

As Daughters of St. Paul, our mission is to communicate Christ in today’s world. Here in the Boston area, our Pauline Books & Media Center in Dedham is one of the ways we invite God’s people into an encounter with his Word.


Vocational Discernment

Our sisters regularly host opportunities for vocational discernment, providing a space for young women to find out more about religious life and pray about where God is calling them. To find out about opportunities near you or to speak with a sister about vocational discernment, get in touch with us. Know that we are praying for you!

Pauline Cooperators

Are you a lay person who is feeling called to share in the mission of proclaiming God’s Word through the media? We invite you to learn more about the Association of Pauline Cooperators. Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.

Boston Events

Check back soon for upcoming events.