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Rosary For Moms: Prayer for Those In the Trenches

Pray the Rosary with Kelsey Gillespy, mother of five and author of In the Trenches: Finding God through Parenting Littles! Join Kelsey as she offers this Rosary for parents of young children and shares original reflections on loving God, our kids, and ourselves through the lens of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. With each Hail Mary, Kelsey asks for a particular grace to live the vocation to motherhood more fully and find God through parenting.

“Even when I feel swallowed by the noise and chaos of family life, God is still there. Heโ€™s not off by himself in some empty room, tapping his toe and checking his watch. No, we have a God who wants to encounter us in the messy and mundane of everyday life. We can connect with him right here, right now…Let’s pray this rosary for Moms with babies and young children!”
โ€”Kelsey Gillespy

Learn more about In the Trenches: Finding God through Parenting Littles, published by Pauline Books & Media

Download the guide to Kelsey’s Rosary for Parenting Littles here


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