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The Book that Changed Everything Series: Bible Read-Aloud with Sr. Allison—The Easter Story

The Easter Story, Read by Sr. Allison Regina, the author of The Book that Changed Everything, now available!

A captivating introduction to the Bible as the living Word of God for children ages 3-7!

Sofia has a problem. She has every book she could ever want. But something is still missing. It will take a very special Book to set things right—one that will change Sofia’s life forever.

Follow Sofia as her love for reading and desire for a friend lead her to a life-changing encounter with Jesus through the words of Sacred Scripture. The Book That Changed Everything introduces children to the concept of Scripture as the living Word of God through a heartwarming story and bold illustrations that engage the imagination and inspire awe and confidence in God’s love. Through Sofia’s eyes, children discover why the Bible is a special book; how they can encounter Jesus in Scripture and in the Church; and that they, too, have a special place in God’s story.

THANK YOU to our Patrons who made this series possible!


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